19/5/2020 12:41 pm  #1

Wingy Manone - Rhythm On The River

Jazz man Wingy Manone made a great appearance in Bing's 1940 Rhythm On The River. Wingy even recorded two songs from the film that were great...



22/5/2020 4:52 am  #2

Re: Wingy Manone - Rhythm On The River

They are two good songs, suited to Wingy Manone's band which seemed to be a four-or five-piece outfit. I assume the records were made about the time the film was released. I had heard neither of them before, so thanks Lobosco.


22/5/2020 6:44 am  #3

Re: Wingy Manone - Rhythm On The River

Didn’t he back Bing on Rhythm and from memory sounds about the same as Bing’s version.
That was a great lively scene in the Pawnbrokers shop. Gave Bing a chance to use the drum sticks


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