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Favorite Post-1974 Bing Album?

Personally out of the ones that I've heard the whole way through my favorite would have to be South Memoir. Although out of what I've heard Feels Good, Feels Right is shaping up to be my favorite.

Favorite Post-1974 Bing Album?

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Re: Favorite Post-1974 Bing Album?

I voted - Feels Good, Feels Right (hands down for me)


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Re: Favorite Post-1974 Bing Album?

Although I find Seasons to be the best one it'd have to be tied in a 3-way tie for 1st for me.
1. Seasons-A Southern Memoir-Feels Good, Feels Right, they all have their own special flair that makes them all great, but unique. Seasons is one of my favorite concept albums in total, but if you listen to some of the recordings individually they aren't as good as stand alone songs, because of Bing's vocals which are still great, but a bit weaker this go around. A Southern Memoir has Bing in great voicce and it'd be my favorite, if it weren't for the real clunker that is Georgia On My Mind. Feels Good has some great songs and performances, but there are a good few mediocre ones to my ears.
2. A Couple Of Song And Dance Men, I love Bing's duets, so this was a no-brainer.
3. Bingo Viejo - I really like this one, I can't really explain why, but I do.

I find most of the UA albums disappointing in the way they were put together with At My Time Of Life being the best of the bunch. These songs work a lot better to me as stand alone songs. A lot of the songs are nicely done, but the way the albums were put together didn't really strike my fancy.

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Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven.
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Re: Favorite Post-1974 Bing Album?

Seasons. I was 8 when Bing died and my Granddad was a big Bing fan. He bought the album and I remember him playing it. When he died I inherited it. Still has happy memories for me.


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