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Bing & Judy - Confess

Buddy Clark and Doris Day had the big hit, but I love when Bing and Judy Garland get together! 
Here is their version of Confess from October 6, 1948...


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Re: Bing & Judy - Confess

I listened to this song only yesterday and yes, it's beautiful and really amazing, because it is really interesting for me to compare, how different voices match with Bing's. And I think that Mister Crosby always try to give a way not only to his own voice, but also to the voice of his partner, but the most important thing is that he makes both voices sound equaly. Some of his partners really understood that, but nobody told Dean Martin about that and he himself didn't guess, so he wanted to be the first, but Bing didn't wait too long and showed him his place (second place, if Dean had no wish to share Mister Crosby's first place).


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Re: Bing & Judy - Confess

Thanks for posting that, David... I’ve got this track on various CD releases but this is an interesting transfer. To my ears there seems to be a bit more “air” around the voices - almost as if it was recorded on a separate mic from the studio feed. (It may well be that someone has just added a bit reverb, of course...) In any event, always a joy to hear Bing and Judy together...


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Re: Bing & Judy - Confess

That's a good song and a beaut duet.


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