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Thank you very much for kindly making me a new member of Bing's Forum.

As I wrote to Mr Richard Baker, my late mother was a fan of Bing in the 1930s and she told me about songs like "Please".  

Over the years, I have collected quite a few CDs and also a nice Boxset (4 Cds) from MCA Records called "His legendary years" (1993). I also have Dvds of the "Road" films plus some others including "High Society" and various earlier films where Bing's voice is very strong.

About 6 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the gentleman from Harrow who, I believe, produced the "The Chronological Bing Crosby" CDs and he kindly supplied me with lots of the Jonzo Cds.  I am now looking for Volume 29 (to get "You're Dangerous" without the added reverb of the 1993 Empress Cd "Only Forever"), which I missed out at the time getting just Volumes 8 - 24.  The earlier songs of the 1930's I already had many Cds of. 

I did write a fan letter to Bing about 50 years ago addressed I think to "Bing Crosby, California, USA" and he got it and he very kindly replied saying "Dear Victor" and writing he was glad that I enjoyed his songs,

Now that many of us are having to "stay at home" for at least 12 weeks through the wretched virus, there is more time to play the old films again.  I also like Dorothy Lamour - particularly in her slender and elegant appearance (and slightly saucy performance) when singing "Personality" in the "Road To Utopia" (1943 or 1944 but released in 1946). Also, later on, the song "Moonflowers" from "The Road To Bali" (1952) is always haunting and memorable. Of course, Bing got to record most of Dorothy's best songs including "You're Dangerous"!

I did see Bing and his (second) family at "The London Palladium" with my late mother in about 1977 and I should have the show programme still somewhere.

Regards, Victor  8th April 2020 (W.London)

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Re: New Member of this Forum

Welcome to the forum, Victor!

Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven.

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Re: New Member of this Forum

Welcome Victor! 


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Re: New Member of this Forum

Victor, I assume you live in Great Britain and are aware of the International Club Crosby. If you visit Australia some time you could time your journey to coincide with a film night of The Australian Bing Crosby Society in Melbourne. On the subject of saucy recordings, some of Bing's 'fluffs' would qualify. A few minutes ago I posted to the 'What non-Bing have you been listening to?', noting that I'd just heard some World War 2 songs. One of them was new to me, 'The deepest air-raid shelter' (or similar title) and some of its lyrics were definitely saucy.


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Re: New Member of this Forum

Talking of ‘saucy’ songs - the late Brit Max Miller sang something saucy songs and was banned by the BBC for many years.
He would sing - a double meaning and the audience would laugh and he would tell them that it is people like them that got him into trouble. Even saying - now make something of that.
Very witty man. I have an LP somewhere.


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Re: New Member of this Forum

Nice to hear Dorothy Lamour serenading Bob Hope with her song  "You're Dangerous" in the film "Road to Zanzibar" (1941) composed by Jimmy Van Heusen & Johnny Burke. I see that Bing recorded the song for Brunswick on 20th December 1940 and the old record label mentions (From Bing Crosby's film "Road to Zanzibar").

Another memorable scene is with Bing singing (with magical accompaniment) "It's Always You" to Dorothy who is paddling the canoe.

I have a feeling that the film versions of Bing's songs were recorded before the commericial records (78s) appeared.  Sometimes, the film versions have Bing singing in a slightly stronger voice.  This was most noticeable with the song "Don't Let That Moon Get Away".  The song in the film "Sing You Sinners" (1938) was very lively and had a jazzy start whereas the commercial 78 recording was less lively and Bing's voice sounds "younger" in the film version.  Bing's voice was changing at about the time 1936/1937 onwards and his earlier voice was exceptionally strong i.e. Goodnight Sweetheart in 1931. It was no wonder that the young Frank Sinatra was later unfavourably compared with Bing's powerful recordings of the early 30s.

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Re: New Member of this Forum

Well even listen to White Christmas in Holiday Inn and compare it to the 1942 recording.

Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven.

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Re: New Member of this Forum

Dear MBF0377,

I just watched the nice scene again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJ36gbGlm8Y

I also thought that the record (which I believe sold about 30 million compared to Elvis's 12 million for "Now or Never") was a little less bright.  I like the way Bing splits the word "Cris - mas" in the film "Holiday Inn".

Bing's two films with Fred Astaire are both very memorable.  "Holiday Inn" (1942) was coloured up some years ago for the Dvd market.

I read that Irving Berlin liked Fred to introduce his songs.  Irving was said to be under attack in the film with composer played by Basil Rathbone (when not playing the brilliant Sherlock Holmes, the villain from "The Mark of Zorro" and "The Adventures of Robin Hood") having his songs ghost-written!  In that film "Rhythm On The River" (1940), you may remember the song talked about as Basil's greatest hit song being "Goodbye To Love" (never actually heard in the film!). Some 32 years later we got to hear it at last, so to say - sung by the accomplished Karen Carpenter!

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Re: New Member of this Forum

Rhythm on the River was a good one.

Bing's films with Fred were great. Bing had the best chemistry with him, the only one beating Bing and Fred was Bing and Bob's chemistry,

Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven.

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Re: New Member of this Forum

Bing, Bob & Dorothy are on UK Television again today in "Road To Morocco" (1942) at 1.20pm Channel 50 (Freeview) Sony Movies Classic. 

Note the singing of the main song "Moonlight Becomes You" where Bing adds something which is not on the 78 record version.

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Re: New Member of this Forum

A good example of a song sung in a film and the actual recording is - I Wish I Were Aladdin - a bit more than the 3 minute time limit on a  10” 78. Bing’s St. Louis Blues was on a 12” 78.
And I was very disappointed on the way Dottie was  treated for the film Road to Hong  Kong.
I wonder what would have happened to her if they had made Road to the Fountain of Youth, that was in the pipeline prior to Bing’s death. It was said that they ?? thought her too old in HK but the boys didn’t look too young themselves.


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Re: New Member of this Forum

Dear Ron,
Thank you very much for your posting. Please see my postings in "OTHERS OF NOTE" where I am writing to you.

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Re: New Member of this Forum

Welcome aboard Victor! I just came back after being offline for 4 years.I missed it very much! Victor, I love when Dorothy Lamour sings with Bing on"Too Romantic".

Peace and Love! 

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Re: New Member of this Forum

Thank you very much. Good Health, Regards, Victor.  11th June 2020 (London)

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