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Concept albums

I know Bing recorded a good few concept albums, but I wished he had done more. Have any of you made up you own with Bing recordings you have? I just made one with a work in progress name, Love Is Lovelier The Second Time Around, as a sorta mix of torch songs and love ballads. It sorta follows a story.
This guy finds his first love in the five and ten cents store, and he can't begin to tell her how beautiful she is. Then the girl has to leave, but this guy know she'll be easy to remember, and he'll see her in all the old familiar places. When she walks away he sees her go to another man. This guy doesn't see this and she just keeps coming back like a song, he searches all around the world for her he finds her with a new love. This guy realizes this and goes to the bar he asks for one for his baby and one more for the road, before he leaves he remember what his momma done told him. When he runs into her it has been a long, long time. He asks her what's new and they share memories, but they part the guy knowing she's in a relationship. He goes away to paradise and meets a new woman. One of the first things he tells her is to be careful with his heart. She's went through they same thing and they're melancholy together. He tells her that she must have been a beautiful baby, and that love is lovelier the second time around to cheer her, and himself, up.
Track listing:
1. I Found a Million Dollar Baby
2. I Can't Begin To Tell You
3. You Are Too Beautiful
4. It's Easy To Remember
5. I'll Be Seeing You
6. You Keep Coming Back Like A Song
7. Around The World
8. One For My Baby
9. Blues In The Night
10. It's Been A Long, Long Time
11. What's New?
12. Thanks For The Memory
13. Stranger In Paradise
14. Be Careful, It's My Heart
15. My Melancholy Baby
16. You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby
17. The Second Time Around

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Re: Concept albums

That's a good story and an interesting selection of songs.


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Re: Concept albums

I realized Bing didn't have a lot of 'torch' songs, so I decided to make a somewhat-compilation of them as a  concept album. I thought to make a good concept album it needs a story somewhat, so I almost thought of it as a musical and tried placing the songs along with a story behind it.

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Re: Concept albums

An interesting selection! Do you know "The Bing Shift", Arne Fogel's weekly Bing Crosby radio show? Most of the times, if not all, de first half of the programme is dedicated to a theme - in other words, a concept.
If you do not know this show, it could be worth your while to check it out sometimes. It's easy to find on the internet; just google.
Unfortunately, the show does not offer an official download function and the programmes are only available for two weeks after broadcast. But, as said, they are excellent shows!


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