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Bing's Christmas Output

Over 40 years after his passing and over 75 years since he recorded the biggest Christmas hit of all-time (White Christmas) - Bing is justifiably celebrated as the "voice of christmas"!

What I find amazing about this is how much of his Christmas output is often overlooked and really hasn't been marketed in a way that is fitting for the man who practically pionered the genre!

"Merry Christmas" - (a.k.a. "White Christmas") has been available and expanded since it first came out in 1947 but "Christmas Greetings" issued just 2 years later doesn't seem to have received the same love or care. Where the first album was reissued and expanded to 12 songs, that doesn't seem to be the case with "Christmas Greetings". 

Even more disappointing is looking at all the music Bing did for Decca, it seems like there were enough tracks to make a 3rd LP compilation. Sadly, we fans wouldn't get a nice cohesive package until decades later with the "Voice of Christmas". 

Although not really as strong an effort, Bing's "A Christmas Sing With Bing Around The World" has never received a proper re-release. You would figure just the fact that it's an honest to goodness Crosby Christmas album would have made a re-release a must.. but I guess not. 

Bing's "I Wish You A Merry Christmas" is an amazingly strong album, I might even prefer it to "Merry Christmas" but while it's available it's under a different title hear in the US. On the plus side it does have some worthwhile additions. 

Finally, Bing's "A Time To Be Jolly" has also suffered from the "name change" problem and I think it currently available as a CD-R. This is a great album that shows Bing in top form - but this album is almost lost and it's songs practically forgotten. 

Everyone agrees that Christmas is important to Bing's legacy and that he's important to the legacy of Christmas music but there is so much of his christmas output that isn't getting the attention it should and arguably I'm not sure if some of it ever did. 


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Re: Bing's Christmas Output

The new BING AT CHRISTMAS CD received so much attention in the Australian media this month that I could hardly believe it. The biggest coverage was in The Sydney Morning Herald which included a front page 'teaser' (including a Crosby-Bowie photo) above the mast head directing readers to the story inside.


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