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I don't quite know how this one slipped past me, but it did. The Pepe soundtrack was released on CD last year, by Collectors' Choice, and so far as I can see remains available. Not the most sparkling of Bing's recordings - his contribution is of a shortish medley consisting of Pennies from Heaven/ Let's Fall in Love/ South of the Border.


I remember seeing the film once and only have a hazy memory of it, but do remember that Bing sang the medley whilst sitting in his car at the gate of a film studio to which Pepe was trying to gain entrance. Many stars of the day put in cameo appearances, all linked by a fairly flimsy storyline centring on the character of Pepe.

P.S.  For readers in the UK - If the Amazon UK website is to be believed I have just bought the one and only one remaining in their stock, so bad luck!

Later - bemusingly, the Amazon site clearly showed one in stock. I bought it. An hour or so later they show two in their own stock and ten with 'partners'. Hurried replenishment or computer glitch?

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Re: Pepe

Editing out my venting about current cinema offerings....let me start anew.

I seem to have a vague memory of seeing PEPE on broadcast TV, probably in the late 1960s.  I wish I could recall Bing's Cameo.  Unfortunately, I can't.  But could I be right that the Three Stooges appear in one or more scenes recycling some of their usual highjinks?  They aren't listed in the wikipedia article about the film  < http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepe_(film)  >. Maybe I am thinking of some other cameo patchwork film.

Is it a contradiction that the linked article claims that PEPI "was roundly criticized by critics" and also reports that it earned 7 Academy Award nominations?  (And isn't "criticized by critics" rather non-informative?)

It appears that the musical artists included might lead to a great record album, despite a shaky film.  But perhaps not if less than sufficient care was not taken in song choices.  How do the non-Bing tracks sound?

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