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Star Spangled Radio Hour with Bing

For some time I have been unable to post updates about podcasts available on Station EZ1430 in the Star Spangled Radio Hour banner. This is because the station has barred access to people from Europe (based on a misunderstanding of European data protection legislation!).

However, I have discovered that one of the presenters, Dennis M.Spragg, has his own site, at which he has a duplicate of the EZ1430 broadcasts. The shows mainly concentrate on Glenn Miller but there is a significant amount from Bing and as it happens the Kraft Music Hall broadcasts of November 9th 1944 and November 23 1944 have just been added. Frank Sinatra guests on the first, Rise Stevens the second and there is the usual supporting cast of Eugenie Baird, The Charioteers, and JST's Orchestra.

Follow this link https://www.dennismspragg.com/star-spangled-radio-hour/

If you scroll down there are several other shows featuring Bing.

As with many podcasts you can listen either by streaming or downloading and saving for later.


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Re: Star Spangled Radio Hour with Bing

Further Crosby items have been posted at the Star Spangled Radio Hour though they are the standard issue recordings (Mr Gallagher and Mr Shean, Small Fry and I'm An Old Cowhand) . However the current programme is devoted to Johnny Mercer and there is a lot of interest there -


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Re: Star Spangled Radio Hour with Bing

This week Star Spangled Radio Hour have many recordings of Hoagy Carmichael, but they of course include some Bing. All standard recordings. - Moonburn, Skylark, and In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening, but also an item from Paul Whiteman and others that could be of interest. "Our" type of music, knowledgeably presented.


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