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The 2008 Universal Fire

Nothing REALLY new here per se as we all figured what was destroyed in that horrible fire. But there is some confirmation. I can still smell that sickening, acrid pitch black smoke that overtook Hollywood that morning.



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Re: The 2008 Universal Fire

More on THAT fire here with a more comprehensive list of all the artists whose works were or might have been damaged. 

(Bing Crosby listed after David Crosby, who appears twice. The order is only approximately alphabetical)

However note that 
"it is not possible to assert definitively which masters were burned in the fire, nor can it be said categorically that all of these artists did in fact lose masters. It also cannot be determined exactly how many of the destroyed masters were primary-source originals."


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Re: The 2008 Universal Fire

Thanks for adding that. The lawsuits are coming out of the woodwork now over this. However, the horses have all fled the barn long ago!!!!!

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Re: The 2008 Universal Fire

It's a shame that Universal never did anything worthwhile with Bing Crosby's masters. Such a pity.


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