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Doris Day

Another one from our era has passed on. Doris was quite the girl.
I went to YouTube and put in Bing Crosby and Doris Day.
An answer popped up with a duet of them doing ‘Baby it’s cold outside’.
However, to these old ears the bloke doesn’t sound like Bing.
Sort of know the Boise but just can’t tag it.
RIP Calamity Jane - aka Doris Day


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Re: Doris Day

The track on Youtube claiming to be of Bing and Doris is certainly not of Bing.  It sounds like Johnny Mercer to me. Voice and minor mannerisms are all wrong for Bing.


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Re: Doris Day

It's Margaret Whiting & Johnny Mercer.


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Re: Doris Day

I've been trying to get that corrected for years now. It is Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting - they sound nothing like Bing and Doris Day. 

I don't believe Bing and Doris Day ever sang together.


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Re: Doris Day

I typed voice and Boise popped up - just noticed that.
I hate these machines that think they know better.
Certainly quite a mixup on YouTube

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Re: Doris Day

While Doris Day is not my favorite singer, I posted a tribute video to her. I thought she was a great actress. One of my favorite musicals growing up was Love Me Or Leave Me with Jimmy Cagney. It was a "bio" of Ruth Etting...



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Re: Doris Day

Nice one.

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