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Bing on BBC Radio 3

A passing reference to Bing on BBC Radio 3’s “Sunday Morning” programme today. The presenter, Sarah Walker,  played “Harv’s Blues” by Henry Mancini - a track from the background score to Bing’s 1960 film, “High Time”. After the track had finished, Sarah gave a brief resumé of the film’s plot. No actual Bing, but nice to hear the mention.

Incidentally, there’s no mention of “Harv’s Blues” in the listing of the music in “High Time” in Fred Reynolds’ book, “The Road to Hollywood”...


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Re: Bing on BBC Radio 3

Further to my last post, I just found the Henry Mancini “High Time” album via my streaming service, and there are quite a few tracks which don’t get a mention in Fred’s book. Presumably they are brief background snippets which were expanded for the purely orchestral Mancini album.

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Re: Bing on BBC Radio 3

Jeremy, I think that you have found this one 


The tracks included are High Time / Moon Talk / So Neat / The Old College Try Cha-Cha / The Nutty Professor / Frish Frosh / The Second Time Around / A Mild Blast / Harv's Blues / New Blood / The Dean Speaks / Tiger!

and it is billed as "Music from the Motion Picture score of High Time", but such a description can be misleading. Mancini scored the music for the film and it is possible that the tracks are the same but I've never bothered to compare.   



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Re: Bing on BBC Radio 3

That’s the one, Richard...

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Re: Bing on BBC Radio 3

I have the CD of this.   On the CD they pair it up with the soundtrack to Hatari also by Mancini.  As I type this I'm listening to the CD now on me computer.  Sound is great and ALL of the music has a real Mancini sound.  The only thing missing on the High Time soundtrack is Bing's actual song, "2nd Time Around", but all that background music is there as is the theme, all Mancini instrumentals. 

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Re: Bing on BBC Radio 3

More Bing on Radio 3 - the BBC’s classical music radio station..!

On the “Essential Classics” morning show, there is a regular “playlist” feature, in which a piece of classical music is played and listeners are invited to suggest further pieces which would complement it, and these are played later on in the same show. Today’s “starter” was a movement from Schubert’s “Trout” quintet and one of the pieces suggested - and played - was Bing and Louis singing, “Gone Fishin’”!

I didn’t catch the beginning, so I don’t know whether it was suggested by an ICC member, but it was nice to hear a bit of Bing among the Bach, Brahms and Beethoven..!

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