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Ragtime Cowboy Joe

A Clark Gable fan sent me a recording of Bing and Clark Gable singing Ragtime Cowboy Joe. I can find no record of it - and it is very interesting. I am guessing maybe a radio remote or even a private recording.

Does anyone have any clues?


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Re: Ragtime Cowboy Joe

Hello, RAGTIME COWBOY is  a private recording  made on the parties of the WESTWOOD MARCHING AND CHOWDER CLUB recorded about 1938. The guest were mostly Bing´s friends from that time, like Jack Benny, Andy Devine, Walter F. Lang, Tommy Dorsey, Shirley Ross, Dick Powell, Ken Murray and naturally his wife Dixie Lee.
I have a whole CD with private recordings of these sessions in mosttimes bad sound quality. Other titles beside the Gable/ Crosby duett are a clownesk DINAH parody, I WONDER WHOS KISSING HER NOW (2 versions), SWEET LEILANI (with Dixie Lee, also funny), THREE LETTERS, MY ROMANCE (with Walter F. Lang), WAKE UP AND LIVE (with Jack Benny), BLOOD ON SADDLE (with Andy Devine), I`M GONNA SIT RIGHT DOWN (With Jack Benny and Andy Devine).


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Re: Ragtime Cowboy Joe

Most of the CHOWDER songs seems to have special lyric. In DINAH Gable is mentioned, also a Carol and Dixie Lee and Bing´s raceplace Delmar. He scats very fine and whistles.
When Bing sings THREE LETTERS some sounds in such a wonderful jazzy voice, like in earlier SOMEDAY SWEETHEART.
RAGTIME COWBOY JOE with Gable has much similiarity with the 1946 Philco radio show with Gary Cooper and Peggy Lee and their cowboy number.


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Re: Ragtime Cowboy Joe

More details of these titles can be found by exploring the 'Songography' on the Bing Magazine website.


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Re: Ragtime Cowboy Joe

I believe "Ragtime Cowboy Joe," sung by Bing and Gable, is on one of the CDs in Gord Atkinson's THE CROSBY YEARS collection.


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