27/6/2011 10:10 pm  #1

Interview with Tony Thomas

The BBC Archives have a recording of Bing being interviewed by Tony Thomas here.

It runs to 12 minutes. Bing minimises his own successes and achievements, talks of Dean Martin's (lack of) drinking and Phil Harris, early scrapes.

The BBC states that it was first broadcast on 25th April 1969 but I wonder about this.  Perhaps Malcolm could comment?  Is it different to that of 14th May 1961 recorded in that same month?


28/6/2011 6:31 am  #2

Re: Interview with Tony Thomas

Richard, the BBC clip is an edited version of the 14th May 1961 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation broadcast, later released on the "Conversations in Hollywood" LP. They appear to have cut out the early songs and some of the dialogue. Very good quality though.


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