21/11/2010 5:51 am  #1

New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

Can anyone (already joined or about to join) tell about the new Collector's Choice CD set collecting songs recorded for the Crosby-Clooney radio show.  I mean, has anyone ordered it yet, heard it yet?

Here is a link to the catalog description for anyone who hasn't already heard about this:

Crosby fans are our favourite people!

21/11/2010 11:32 am  #2

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

Hello Tommy, a lot material of this material was releaseded on former LPs and CDs, such as Jasmine CD (JASCD 318) HEY LOOK US OVER!- BING CROSBY AND ROSEMARY CLOONEY SINGING DUETS (liner notes by old Stan White). There are two or three identifical remakes of this CD under other titles  as WONDERFUL TOGETHER (NST041). These radio recordings accompanied by Buddy Cole. Although on Jasmine label (JASCD 335): Rosemary Clooney: SOMETHING TO REMEMBER YOU BY. From the 25 tracks are 10 as duets with Bing with 13 song titles. All titles, also Rosies solos, are from Bings Chesterfield and Chesterfield Radio-Shows from 1952- 54 with company by John Scott Trotter Orchestra (liner notes by Geoff Milne). Other CD is the rare: BING CROSBY WITH THE BUDDY COLE TRIO: MAGIC MOMENTS by GAV Records (GAVCD- 1006). It has 30 very rare titles, 6 are duets with Rosie (8songs). TRUE LOVE and MEET ME TONIGHT IN DREAMLAND are orchestratet 1979 by Pete Moore for SONGS OF A LIFETIME project with 71 other songs.- Dieter.


21/11/2010 11:52 am  #3

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

I haven't ordered it yet, and I probably won't until it comes down to a discounted price. I have the majority of those duets on various other CDs, and as you'll learn about me...I do not like Buddy Cole. Nothing personally, but I do not think his sound made Bing sound good.


21/11/2010 3:14 pm  #4

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

Mine should be arriving any time now. I agree with Dieter that some of the tracks have been available in various forms but I believe that none of them were taken from the original tapes and I fully expect the audio quality in the new issue to be up to the standards recently seen in the Mosaic set and the similar material from Collector's Choice, as it will all have come from the original mater tapes.

When received I'll be in a position to comment further. In the meantime, Dieter, it's good to see your name again. You seem to have vanished from the scene for too long.

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22/11/2010 11:05 pm  #5

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

There  will be even a long time to wait. The US release date of this Clooney- Crosby set is January, 25.
Buddy Cole´s arrangements seems often a little bit obsolet. But the voice of Bing is mostly in good shape. Many of the song material is high class. I would wish, that he had have recorded some of these songs in the late 50th and 60th with great orchestras like Billie May, Buddy Bregman or Nelson Riddle on LP projects. Sometimes Buddy Cole is very fine, like on MY KINDA LOVE, BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA, HONEYSUCKLE ROSE and some other. Gershwin´s SUMMERTIME in duet with Clooney I like more than the 1938 studio recording wit Matty Malneck Orchestra. Also the Dixie sound popupped tracks from the MOSAIC 7CD set shows a high potential. Mostly obsolet are certainly for younger ears Buddy Cole on his electronic organ. Only on LOVE`S OLD SWEET SONG the organ sounds well and adequate.
I would have wished, that Ken Barnes and Pete Moore have had more than the 73 tracks orchestratet. There will be great chance, if any fine orchestra of today will continue the work of Moore and Barnes with some modern Big Band arrangements. This could be a great effort and better than the way with Bryn Terfel and WHITE CHRISTMAS. I not like this duet very much. Perhaps even Ken Barnes could find a talented young orchestra and young arrangers for such a project?- Dieter.

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22/11/2010 11:23 pm  #6

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD


Collector's Choice sent me an email saying they had dispatched it 12 days ago - so I do expect it any day. I think you might be quoting Amazon on the matter of later release dates?

You talk of the orchestrally overdubbed tracks produced by Ken Barnes and arranged and conducted by Pete Moore, but I do not think it is likely that this would happen again.  I think that this is made clear by Mr Bader in his notes to the Mosaic set.

Whilst I share with you a dislike of the occasional intrusion of Buddy Cole's electronic organ, overrall the tracks with Buddy Cole and his Trio are very sprightly and achieve a lightness of touch - Bing is relaxed and very obviously enjoying himself. I find them very enjoyable, and the addition of Rosemary will probably lead to even greater enjoyment.


28/11/2010 8:25 pm  #7

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

I ordered most of the stuff that Collector's have are just issuing. Didn't worry about the 'Bing sings Sinatra' as most are on the Mosaic set (except 4).
I think my order is currently sitting down at the Post Office, so I'll collect them Monday.
I was disappointed with the quality of the Bing 2 DVD set of TV shows (one with pen drawing of Bing on the cover). Some scenes one could only see the hair line - no nose, eyes, lips - so I hope this new set is of much better quality.
Judy Schmid advised that her copy was pristine - I returned the first copies I received and got a replacement set but they were the same. So, I live in hope.
Quite a number of the songs from the 7 set Mosaic I have on LP and also Barry Whittingham issued some CD's of "Bing and Buddy on radio', so how did these come about when Mosaic state only about 16 songs had been issued previously (New Tricks - reallt like this LP/CD and Some Fine Old Chestnuts.
I was disappointed with the Bing sing Broadway as these were also on the Mosaic. I was more or less expecting the previous commercial recordings that Bing had made over the years with Frances Langford etc.

Enough for now


28/11/2010 10:06 pm  #8

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

"Some scenes one could only see the hair line - no nose, eyes, lips"

- ???  Not quite sure what you mean. Mine has no quality issues whatsoever. I can certainly see the faces, to be sure! Maybe your player is the wrong region. 

"Quite a number of the songs from the 7 set Mosaic I have on LP and also Barry Whittingham issued some CD's of "Bing and Buddy on radio', so how did these come about when Mosaic state only about 16 songs had been issued previously"

- They mean legitimate releases. THe sound quality of the Mosaic set is far and away better than anything previosly released, legally or illegally, from those sessions.


29/11/2010 12:11 am  #9

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

Wonderful to read your post again and that´s all well with you, Ron. But your description about the new DVDs remembers me on lot of my videotapes, that I have got from great Bingfans at the times, when hardly TV shows and only few movies  were released and many fans were despairing ever to watch in their lifetime this material.  But the new DVDs have at least a fine, mostly an excellent and even a pristine picture quality, depending on the original sources, that are in different technics filmed or videotaped.- Dieter.


29/11/2010 12:16 am  #10

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

Ron Field wrote:

I ordered most of the stuff that Collector's have are just issuing. Didn't worry about the 'Bing sings Sinatra' as most are on the Mosaic set (except 4). - - -

- -  - so how did these come about when Mosaic state only about 16 songs had been issued previously (New Tricks - reallt like this LP/CD and Some Fine Old Chestnuts.

Ron, Are you possibly confusing the 'Bing Sings Sinatra' album with 'Bing Sings The Great American Songbook' ?
It is certainly the case that the latter duplicates all but 4 of the tracks in the Mosaic set, but this is definitely not the case with the Sinatra album, where the unique items outnumber the duplications.

All the tracks for the Mosaic set were taken from "The Bing Crosby Show for CBS', whilst the 'Sinatra' tracks were both from the earlier General Electric Show and the later Ford Road  and Crosby -Clooney Shows, whilst one track is taken from 'Thoroughly Modern Bing' and another from the 'Longines' set 'Bing Crosby's Treasury-The Songs I Love' whilst yet another is a remix from the 'Seasons' session. 

There are indeed some from the Bing Crosby Show For CBS and they do duplicate the Mosaic set. 'The Lady Is A Tramp', 'I Get A Kick Out Of You', 'The Tender Trap', 'Love And Marriage', ' Too Marvellous For Words' and 'Chicago'. This duplication is indeed a great pity but I suspect there is logic in that a single CD is likely to reach a far wider public than the very large Mosaic set, which must have a necessarily limited potential. Anyway, I've plunged in and am not disappointed. I am a bit anxious that the 'Themed' approach of some albums and the 'Chronological' approach on Mosaic will produce even more duplication,  but I certainly cannot complain about the flow and availability of issues. I do hope that no individual worthwhile tracks are overlooked entirely, which could happen if some don't happen to fit into a particular pattern of themes.

As to earlier issues, 'Lillisputian' is correct - the sole official issues of the material were the 'New Tricks' and 'Fine Old Chestnuts' albums. All else circulating would have been unofficial (and therefore most likely to have been copied from radio broadcasts). Wherever they came from they would not have been directly from the original tapes. The issues from Barry Whittingham and others were very welcome in getting such material before us at a time when we were starved of such material but I doubt that he and others would claim that they were able to match the standards now available.


29/11/2010 1:10 am  #11

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

Not got the Sinatra Songbook CD until now! The duet of Frank and Bing was part of the songmaterial out of two 1954 radio shows on an Italian LP. In the years 1976/1977 this LP seemed to be the Crosby LP most circulated in Germany with the exception of Bing´s WHITE CHRISTMAS LP. Nearly any store in town, who´s selling records, which will have not 5, 10 or more of those LP. Second in stores would be the (also Italian printing) of THE JAZZIN BING CROSBY. Sadly the new recorded songs and LPs with Pete Moore, Paul Smith and Alan Cohen could be found only in single specimen in the big special record stores. That´s certainly the reason, why you can find the Sinatra/Crosby and the Jazzin LPs today very offen on second hand stores.- Dieter.


29/11/2010 2:04 am  #12

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

Nice to see your name floating around again Dieter and thanks for your words.
Lillisputian, I am in the Pacific NW about 100 miles south of Seattle, so I have the correct issues.
With Bob Hope some parts you cannot see their faces and the following scenes also then it does get better.
Surely I couldn't have got 2 dud DVD's!!!!
IRegarding the recordings, I have a green covered LP that has a number of the Mosaic songs on it - My Baby Just Cares For Me and other material. I haven't the LP with me here in the U.S.
But, as mentioned, the Mosaic quality is excellent and I'm looking forward to getting to the P.O. on Monday morning.
Seems like I may have to get the Sinatra CD afterall.
I have the Southern LP back in Australia also (bought it when I lived in England) so looking forward to the CD.
Thanks for your responses.


01/12/2010 7:50 pm  #13

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

Today, I ordered the 'Bing Sings Sinatra' CD along with a Bob Crosby CD.


23/1/2011 2:56 pm  #14

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

I have not purchased/ordered this set yet, so this question might be answered in the notes. Did Bing and Rosie record their vocals together or were one or the other overdubbed?


23/1/2011 5:56 pm  #15

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

They recorded their vocals together on these radio tracks. No over-dubbing. Excellent quality. Heartily recommended.


23/1/2011 11:57 pm  #16

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

Malcolm Macfarlane wrote:

Excellent quality. Heartily recommended.

I heartily agree. Most entertaining.


26/1/2011 7:00 pm  #17

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

Received an e-m from Amazon - it's in the mail.
Had ordered immediately from Collectors but found it a bit wonky so sent it back and asked them for a replacement.
When I wrote and asked where is my replacement they advised they had given me a refund.
So, I re-ordered from Amazon at a slightly reduced price.


29/1/2011 8:03 pm  #18

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

Just discovered that the i-tunes version of Bing sings the Sinatra Songbook includes a video of Bing singing "Young at Heart" from his TV show of Apr. 25, 1954. This was not on the CD of course.


30/1/2011 12:24 am  #19

Re: New Crosby-Clooney duets CD

I suppose we'll need to examine the others for buried goodies!



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