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The Assembled Parties

Bing in literature.
Bing is mentioned in the play "The Assembled Parties" by Richard Greenberg. I let follow a short quote (and hope not to break against copyright?)

JULIE: Graduation, I cried and cried; touching so touching, all of you- so witty, so oblique, so overeducated, so utterly ignorant of absolutely everything.
JEFF: I guess.
JULIE: It´s so lovely Christmas. Though you find that all the dying tends to accelerate around now. And of cours there´s Bing Crosby.
JEFF: Bing Crosby?
JULIE: He´s a tribulation, don´t you find? And you can´t escape him! To the optimo Cigar Store for a five-cent stamp and he´s dreaming of a White Christmas. It´s like a tiny acoustic rape every time you leave the appartment. But other than Bing Crosby and all that dying, it´s a lovely, lovely season.
JEFF: Yes.
(He chops.)
Is someone dying?

I´m own Greenberg´s play as 2 Audio-CDs by L.A. Theatre Works. Funny moments! About the play:
It´s Christmas 1980, and inside a sprawling Upper West Side appartment, Faye Bascov is about to throw an opulent Christmas dinner- a tradition for this secular. well-educated Jewish family. But any family gathering is an invitation for old resentments to boil over, as Faye´s sister-in-law Julie and the extended family have plenty to hash out. Flash-forward to 2000, and the appartment now much shabbier, reflects how the family´s fortunes have changed, and the Brascovs now have to reckon with the legacy of their family discord. A 2013 Drama Desk Award-winner and recipient of three Tony Award nominations.


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