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P.S. I Love You - 1953

Can anyone give me some background on Bing's 1953 recording of P.S. I Love You? 

I was listening to it last night on "Bing Sings The Johnny Mercer Songbook" and it's a really great recording but I can't seem to find where it comes from! I haven't been able to find it on the "Through The Years" volumes and it doesn't seem to appear on any of Bing's albums. 

Maybe I've just missed it, in which case I apologize, but if nothing else maybe this will give a few people a good excuse to give it another spin!


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Re: P.S. I Love You - 1953

It was not a studio recording but did appear on several radio shows. The first was was far back as 30th October 1934. 
You refer to 1953, when it appeared on 18th October and 29th November in the General Electric shows.

Go to this page in the online discography and scroll down to the dates.



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Re: P.S. I Love You - 1953

Fantastic! I wondered if it might have been a recording for radio but the quality seems so good that I thought it must have been an Decca single or something!

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Re: P.S. I Love You - 1953

I agree this was a tremendous recording - one of my favorite radio recordings Bing did. It is a shame he never recorded this song commercially. It seems like it was made for him!


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