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Buddy Cole - Swingin' At The Hammond Organ

As I've mentioned in other posts, my local library offers a service where I can legally download several tracks a week. Occasionally I poke around looking for something different and this week I searched to see if there was anything by Buddy Cole!

Lo and behold "Swingin' At The Hammond Organ", a 4 album collection by Jasmine Records! It features "Have Organ Will Swing", "Swing Fever", "Powerhouse", "Hot And Cole". 

Buddy Cole and his organ certainly left an indelible mark on Bing Crosby's career. On one hand, small, informal, quirky, that often showed Crosby at his relaxed best. On the other, an o-too-often overly intrusive organ that hasn't aged well. 

I've grown to really enjoy Bing's work with Buddy Cole, however a 4 album's worth of Buddy Cole without the benefit of a vocalist is a little hard to take (I was able to stream it to listen). it's sort of 2 1/2 hours worth of ice skating or carnival music! 

Still it's a fascinating listen, and might just be worth adding to my music library. 


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