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Bing Films Needed

I was trying to fill in my DVD collection of Bing. Does anyone have the following?

She Loves Me Not
Paris Honeymoon
Out Of This World
Duffy's Tavern

Email me privately and maybe we can do a trade or I would be willing to pay money. Thanks!


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Re: Bing Films Needed

David, a new issue of "She Loves Me Not" is available at



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Re: Bing Films Needed

Thanks Malcolm. I missed that one! I think I may be missing one other film from the 1930s but can't remember at this time!

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Re: Bing Films Needed

David, do you know that both Paris Honeymoon and Duffy's Tavern are available on YouTube as complete films? There are also several excerpts there from Out of this world. All in reasonable quality (with a little upscaling from your tv ;-) )


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Re: Bing Films Needed

frans wrote:

David, do you know that both Paris Honeymoon and Duffy's Tavern are available on YouTube as complete films? There are also several excerpts there from Out of this world. All in reasonable quality (with a little upscaling from your tv ;-) )

Hi Fran,
Ive seen them online, but Id rather have them on DVD. I dont stay on my computer than long to watch a whole movie.

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Re: Bing Films Needed

Hi David,
I don't watch longer YouTube films online either. What I do is I download them and burn them on DVD. I feel that when an 'official' DVD is not available, this is the next best thing. http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/happy.png

It may see old fashioned to do so, but the quality of much YouTube material converted to DVD is suprisingly good.


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Re: Bing Films Needed

Hi Archiefit,
If there's anything you don't know, just ask Google. http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/wink.png
Just type in 'YouTube downloader' and you will find a whole host of programmes, either plugins for your browser or standalone software. Of course you will have to take the usual precautions when searching/downloading for programmes on the internet.

The problem with these DVD-recorders, as I understand it, is that many of these machines record in a format which can only be played on the machine on which it has been recorded. Or do you perhaps have a better one - less 'commercially impaired'?

Anyway - there are many possibilities to download/record; that's what I wanted to comment here.

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Re: Bing Films Needed

As Frans says there are many software download applications, many free albeit with constant promotional messages.
The best really free one that I have come across without promotional material, is "4k Video Downloader" here https://www.4kdownload.com/products/product-videodownloader

It manages with You tube, Vimeo and others. Once you have downloaded the movie you can burn it to disc using whatever software you normally use.
There is no need for any other hardware.

(Later addition). Frans makes a point about compatibility between recordings and machines on which to play them. I think that the need is to find out what your player can cope with and ensure that you download, save, and record in that format. If you have already downloaded in a different format you might find that you can convert but there might be a loss of quality.

Please bear in mind that if you duplicate copyrighted material you are in breach of the law, whether US or Europe and many other places also.


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Re: Bing Films Needed

Archiefit, we are talking at cross purposes. Digital platforms contain video in various compressed formats - MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, RM, AAC and almost countless others. 
Most modern digital players cope with a wide variety of them, (as well as compressed audio formats - MP3, FLAC, ALAC)  different from the "native" CD, DVD and Blu-Ray formats.



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Re: Bing Films Needed

I don't think this is a forum for the technicalities of TV transmission. Frans and I were merely attempting to help in the matter of downloading Bing Crosby films. 

There is much on the internet to amplify the issues. NTSC and PAL platforms are partly of the past, having been replaced by other technology and NTSC ceased in the US in 2010. (Don't take my word for it - go to Wiki  - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTSC).



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Re: Bing Films Needed

Either way, it seems too much work to make a DVD out of a you tube video. If anyone have the above movies on DVD or could make me a copy, please email me. Thanks!

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Re: Bing Films Needed

Unfortunately, I don't have a laptop. My computer is in one room and the DVD recorder is in another room. What I am missing is not worth rewiring everything for. LOL.

I have the good Bing movies already! LOL

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