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20 Bing Crosby film clippings

Recently I stumbled across a very interesting selection of about 20 film clippings with Bing Crosby, or Crosby-related. Some are trivial, others (in my opinion) very interesting.
They can be seen here: https://www.britishpathe.com/search/query/bing+crosby
Maybe some of you know of these, maybe some don't. Many of the clippings are new to me.
They don't contain much singing (although Bing does sing 'Amor, Amor' at the Stage Door Canteen in 1944 - very good quality). The footage ranges from 1934 to 1977.
Among other things, you can see much golfing (Bing at Saint Andrews, 1950, the World Entertainment Golf Championship, 1958, and more) and racing (at Del Mar in 1937, amongst others).
But there's also an item of Bing and family buying war bonds in 1942.
And you can see a 2 year old Mary Crosby winning her swimming certicifate.

An interesting item is the footage from the Stage Door Canteen dated 1945. Is it really Bing there? What a pity there's no sound; otherwise we would have known in an instance!
There's footage of Bing being presented with the Photoplay Magazine Medal in 1947.
There's Bing at Ascot in 1967. Many will remember a photo taken at this occasion of Bing in top hat and tails - here you see him on film.
There's a Cinematic guessing game - various film stars are seen (including Bing) - the audience have to name them. Never saw this before.
There's an early parody by The Jesters of Bing's 'Where the blue of the night' from 1934.
Another early Crosby imitation, also from 1934: Male harmony singers 'The Versatile Three' sing 'Sweet Sue' and 'Ridin' Around In The Rain'.
And there's footage of a collection Of Fabergé treasures on show at London's Victoria And Albert Museum in 1977. Among the people who have lent items for the exhibition, Bing is mentioned.
Then there's footage of the premiere of the Bells of St Mary's at the Savoy Cinema, Dublin, 1945, with the irish president and five cabinet ministers in attendance.
In Film Fanfare, No 27 of 1956, Bing's 'Anything goes' is reviewed.
To conclude, there's footage of Bing Crosby mourned in Hollywood from 1977.
All in all, these films make for an interesting and entertaining Crosby film evening!


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Re: 20 Bing Crosby film clippings

An interesting discovery Frans. Thank you. All from the Pathe newsreels.


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Re: 20 Bing Crosby film clippings

Thanks Frans.
Remember some of those events especially the golf at St. Andrews where Bing birdied the first hole. Also the knitted tam-o-shanter he.wore. I had Mum make me one like in red and gold/yellow. That died many years ago.
Donald Peers, whilst he was a popular British entertainer he had one big hit - I Told Them All About You. It was a very good ford and song. Must check YouTube to listen again.


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