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Topics for “Bing” magazine article.

Hello everyone

I’m starting to mull over ideas for my next article for “Bing” magazine and wondered whether members of this forum have any suggestions for topics they would particularly like to see covered. Any suggestions would be very welcome, either via private message or on this site...

If I get enough suggestions I’ll make a short-list and forward it to Malcolm to ensure that I avoid anything that’s been covered in the recent past.

Thank you.


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Re: Topics for “Bing” magazine article.

Hi Jeremy,

I would like to propose two ideas. The first one concerns the 'Christmas sing with Bing' series, of which - to my knowledge anyway - not really much has been written. I don't know if it will be so easy to find more information about this series but anyway, you asked.

Another idea concerns the several audio 'biographies' about Bing that have been compiled over the years. The BBC series of the 1970's springs to mind, we had 'The Crosby Years' and several more. I know these have been covered on their own in the magazine, but it would be nice to see an article which lists them all and which may even make comparisons between the different series.

Both topics would involve a lot of work though and I would fully understand if you put my proposals aside!

Kind regards,


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Re: Topics for “Bing” magazine article.

Hi Frans

Thanks for the suggestions... Very interesting. I’ll give them both serious consideration!

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Re: Topics for “Bing” magazine article.

The "Christmas Sing with Bing" series was covered by Lionel Pairpoint in BING #162 (winter 2012) but no reason not to look at it again.


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