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Additions to the Bing Memorabilia Page

Merry Christmas, Bing folk. It's been awhile since my last update, but I have finally gotten around to scanning a couple more interesting items* from my collection and adding them to my Bing "Memorabilia, Advertising, and Promotional Items" blog page: (1) a special Road to Zanzibar script that was used as a guide for writing subtitles for overseas release, and (2) a September 2, 1944 copy of Melody Maker, which covered Bing's visit to England to entertain troops during the Second World War. Enjoy! 


*Most of the new images are too small to read on the web page itself, but they can be downloaded to your computer and enlarged. 

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Re: Additions to the Bing Memorabilia Page

Lovely stuff, Jon.


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Re: Additions to the Bing Memorabilia Page

Thanks Jon for that collection.


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