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Portrayals of Bing?

Has anyone portrayed Bing on film, television, stage or radio? I don’t think there’s been a biopic, and I can’t find any trace of him as a character in someone else’s story. IMDb have a character name search and there’s no results. I’d be curious to see someone playing him. I don’t think his story is dramatic enough for a biopic film but maybe another format.

I did see a stage play about Rosemary Clooney in London a few months ago, at the Wimbledon Studio. It was a two-hander with the male actor playing her psychiatrist doubling up as figures from her past, including Bing.


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Re: Portrayals of Bing?

An image of Bing appears in the Sinatra film "The Joker Is Wild" singing "June in January". The TV movie "The Grace Kelly Story" has someone playing Bing in one scene.


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Re: Portrayals of Bing?

Thanks for the info. Wonder who could play him. Apparently Gary wanted to.

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Re: Portrayals of Bing?

And there was the Eddie Bracken film as well showing a silhouetted Bing


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Re: Portrayals of Bing?

Not a scripted portrayal but I remember a series of Christmas music videos being presented on a single programme on BBC television in the 1980's. One of them was of Bing's "White Christmas" (I think) and it portrayed current day children building a snowman. An older Bing sits waiting in his chauffer driven car, causing the chauffer to visually react to the smoke from Bing's pipe. At the video's conclusion, "Bing" emerges from the car and approvingly places his pipe into the completed snowman's mouth. Did anyone else catch this? 

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