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Holiday in Europe

Stopped into my local record store and was rewarded by finding a copy of "Holiday in Europe"! This got mentioned in one of my earlier posts and generated a little bit of conversation! I need to break out the record player but I'm looking forward to hearing it!


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Re: Holiday in Europe

That brings back memories to me of "stopping in" my old record stores, yes I said storeS, back in those days.  Today I don't know of any old record stores around anymore.  But I did once just as you did now, I found an old copy, in great shape, of Holiday In Europe.   Since that time I got a CD copy of the Japanese CD release of this album.   Perfect sound on that Japanese CD release, that's what I now have transferred to my computer Media Player, so I can hear this album any time I want.   This is one of my all time favorite Bing albums.


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Re: Holiday in Europe

I love all of Crosby's Decca Christmas recordings so this is a bit odd to day but I really think I prefer Crosby's stuff from the late 50's onward so I really am anxious to hear this album and WISH that a CD version was currently in print! I may have to invest in a record player that can convert tracks to MP3 or something, 

Oh, and the record store is certainly not the large bright record stores of my youth this looks more like a visit to your parents attic. I am not a small guy and getting around sometimes requires a little sucking in the gut!

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