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Thoroughly Modern Bing

Browsing Amazon I stumbled upon a listing for Thoroughly Modern Bing! Release date is 12/15, though the digital download might be available now!



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Re: Thoroughly Modern Bing

It would be interesting to see if the tracklist of the CD is the same as the digital download.

There were 13 songs recorded for this album, but they never all seem to appear at the same time.

The original album and the digital version of this misses the track Where The Rainbow Ends.

I have a Lazerlight version (A Visit To The Movies) that includes that track but loses I Call You Sunshine

And I may stand corrected, but I'm not sure the track Thats All I Want From You from the same sessions has not appeared on any version yet, although he had previously recorded it for CBS on March 2 1955 ( and is on Mosiac Box set). Maybe someone could clarify??

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Re: Thoroughly Modern Bing

Kevin, I think that you are correct.

The cover and the order of the track listing (as given for the MP3 version) suggest this is a straight CD issue of the LP issued on various labels (Pickwick, Stateside/EMI and Birchmount)  under the title Thoroughly Modern Bing  or Sing-along With Bing.
That issue omitted  Love is Blue.
The Laserlight CD A Visit To The Movies included Love is Blue but omitted I Call You Sunshine. 
Another CD Bing Crosby At His Best on Pickwick omitted Love Is Blue and Where The Rainbow Ends.
But it doesn't end there because there are alternative versions of High Hopes and Where The Rainbow Ends of which the latter has never been on CD.

It's just possible that the CD and the MP3 versions will differ as I have known CD versions which offer additional tracks. 
That's All I Want From You has never been issued.

From the listing for the MP3 version it seems likely that the absences will not be resolved.



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Re: Thoroughly Modern Bing

I finally got this in the mail the other day. The track list is the faithful to the original with no extras. My impression on this overall is that at $17.84 (U.S.A.) this is a pretty expensive release that offers no extras in the way of additional tracks or new notes/booklet. 

The cardboard sleeve is a reasonably handsome reproduction of the album jacket and it does have the original liner notes but that's it. 

Soundwise, there are a few tracks where it seems like the audio is suppressed, since I don't have the original album to compare it to I don't know if this was an issue with the original vinyl. 

Aside from that this is an interesting record. I overall do like it very much. I think Bing sounds for the most part in good voice and the backing and arrangements are usually pretty good. It sort of reminds me of the Bing 'n' Basie album. "Talk to the Animals", "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead", "High Hopes", "Thoroughly Modern Millie", "Chim Chim Cheree" are all among the highlights (although I wish they had skipped the animal noises on "Talk to the Animals". 

There are only a few songs that I think miss the mark. 

One thing that gnaws at me is when I think of the albums that Sinatra, Andy Williams, Como, Matt Monro, were doing at this same timeframe this seems so out of step, almost more along the lines of a sing-a-long or a children's album but certainly MUCH better than either of those genres. 

If anyone is thinking of picking this up, my advice would be to look for the Laserlight or Pickwick CD's which can probably be bought used for much less, or to just order the mp3 album which can be bought for for $6.99. 

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