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Bing in Spokane

Martin McQuade tells me that this was just broadcast this morning at 4 AM eastern time on C-SPAN 3 as part of a program, 'American History in TV in Spokane, Washington." Bill Stimson (an ICC member) speaks fluently for 15 minutes from the Bing Crosby House. Well worth watching. See:Bing Crosby American Culture, Jul 3 2017 | Video | C-SPAN.org



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Re: Bing in Spokane

Gee, that was interesting. I especially appreciated to opportunity to visit Bing's childhood home, which I had the pleasure of seeing in 1983 after a Bing Crosby Historical Society tribute in Tacoma.


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Re: Bing in Spokane

What an interesting broadcast. I enjoyed seeing it. The 'backdrop' of the Crosby House certainly adds to the story, in my opinion.
Thanks for mentioning this, Malcolm.

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Re: Bing in Spokane

Very enjoyable. It has been a long hard struggle trying to convince people that Bing wasn't a mean person. Gary's book did so much trouble.
Bing was really a down to earth ordinary person. I spoke to him on the phone a couple of times when living in England and he even rang me at work. Don't recall hearing about any other top stars/people being in contact with us ordinary folk. And I like the photo of Bing standing in the doorway on the New York subway.
On another note for anyone in the Pacific Northwest area of the USA. Remembering Bing (and Errol Flynn) on 14th. October at the Roxy Theatre, Morton, WA at 2.00pm a double bill programme - Santa Fe Trail followed by Road to Bali, admission $5.00.
Errol was 50 and Bing 74.
I'm hoping for a near full house.


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