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Song writer

Just now on TCM the Fred MacMurray, Eleanor Parker film - "A Millionaire For Christy" and music in the background 'I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You' and as the cast etc roles through it lists the song by Bing Crosby and Ned Washington.
Never noticed Bing's name on the screen before especially in a film he isn't in.
Interesting and I wonder how many other movies he may have cropped up in the credits.


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Re: Song writer

Bing gets a songwriter's credit on the IBMD page for "A Millionaire For Christy", and if you click on Bing's name, the link takes you here:-


A list of nearly 300 entries detailing appearances of Bing songs in various films and TV series dating back to the late 20s.


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Re: Song writer

I see that they still have Bing's birthdate as 2nd. May and not the 3rd.

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