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Bing in the 1945 film "State Fair"

I recently purchased the DVD of "State Fair", 1945 version , in a batch of other DVDs. I wasn't particularly interested in this DVD, but thought I would give it a look see. I was pleasantly surprised to get a little bit of Bing in the film. Very early in the film, Jeanne Crain is singing "It Might As Well  Be Spring" as she packs in her bedroom. She goes downstairs to help her mother and then goes into the backyard on a big swing and reprises the song with some different lyrics. She is daydreaming of "a man she has yet to meet" and describes him as a combination of Ronald Coleman, Charles Boyer, and Bing. I guess it is good that Bing rhymes with spring. We then hear Ronald Coleman speak, then Charles Boyer speak, and then we hear Bing sing one line of the song, then a little boo-boo-boo, and finally some classic Bing Whistling. This must have been specifically recorded for this film. Does anyone know any more details than that.


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Re: Bing in the 1945 film "State Fair"

Seem to recall that we investigated this many years ago and we concluded that it was not Bing singing. I'll check my files.


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Re: Bing in the 1945 film "State Fair"

I seem to recall that it wasn't Bing. Just not the voice.
By the way, I was named after Ronald COLMAN.


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