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"Sounds Natural" on BBC4 Extra

Just spotted the following in the listings for the UK's BBC Radio 4 Extra channel for next Tuesday, 4th July:-


"Sounds Natural" was a series broadcast in the '70s in which celebrities were invited to discuss their interest in nature and wildlife. The following info regarding Bing's involvement is courtesy of Malcolm's invaluable "Bing Crosby - Day By Day" resource on the ICC website.. 

28th July 1975. Monday. Is interviewed by Derek Jones for a BBC Radio 4 program called Sounds Natural and Bing makes various bird calls and discusses other wildlife matters. The program is broadcast on January 26, 1976. Bing is paid £50.

Following this Day By Day entry there is a detailed article by the producer of Sounds Natural, John F Burton, who gives some fascinating background as to how Bing came to be involved. Well worth a read...

BBC Radio 4 Extra is a digital channel. Programmes are usually available to download for off-line listening for a limited time after 
broadcast - usually 30 days.


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