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Road films on Bluray?

I recently noticed that two of the Road films, Road to Rio and Road to Bali, are getting a bluray release in August, together with My favourite Brunette. Does anyone know anything about these releases? I would like to know if these are newly mastered releases (which they should be, to get a decent HD quality) or not. Although I fear the latter will be the case, unfortunately.

Also, if anyone has information about the quality of Bluray releases of other Bing films in other countries, I would appreciate if you could let us know here in the forum.

Unfortunately, Amazon (where I found information on the releases) fails to mention for which region the Blurays are meant. This is quite irritating, while over half of the money Amazon earns comes from their stores outside the United States... One would therefore expect a more international orientation. On the bright side: it's always interesting to see new Bing Crosby releases popping up!

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Re: Road films on Bluray?


The issue of the two films you mention is part of a release of a sequence of Bob Hope films.

More details on the Blu Ray consortium website here 

I have the impression that Blu Ray issues are required by the terms of the licence to meet certain technical standards though I'm sure there is some variation about how meticulous the producers are in going back to original prints. Clearly you should expect an improvement compared with DVD.  

I, like you, have become only too aware that the information on the Amazon sites can be misleading or inadequate about such matters as regional coding.



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Re: Road films on Bluray?

Thank you for your information, Richard. I see that the Bluray Consortium list them as Region A - 'with B and C untested'! Now that's helpful info! We'll just have to wait and see, I guess.

As far as I understand, the ideal way of HD-mastering is by using the original film master. Many films make the step to HD simply by upscaling from a DVD (master), however. It will be interesting to see how these five films are done.

By the way, it's funny to see that a film in the public domain (Road to Bali, $ 24.95) is more expensive than a film which is still under copyright until 2041 (Road to Rio, $ 16.95). These online companies are a continuing source of amazement and wonder!

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Re: Road films on Bluray?

Frans, I don't know where you obtained the copyright information but Rio came first, in 1947, with Bali in 1952, so I would have expected any rights to expire in that order. Both were Paramount and I believe that rights are likely to have been retained for so long as they are available to the holders.

Bali was in colour (the only one of the "road" films), which might explain the price difference.


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Re: Road films on Bluray?

Talking of 'Bali', on Saturday 14th. October 2017, we will be presenting that as part of a 'double header', with 'Santa Fe Trail'.
The reason?.
Well, Errol Flynn died on that date in 1959 aged 50, but probably lived a life of an 150 year old.
And of course we know that it will be the 40th. Anniversary of Bing's passing.
Amazing all those years and TCM in promos mention Errol Flynn, Gregory Peck etc but not Bing.


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Re: Road films on Bluray?

Richard, I read about the copyright somewhere on the internet; unfortunately I forgot exactly where. As I understand it, Road to Bali fell out of copyright because they forgot (or didn't bother) to renew it. Universal renewed copyright for Road to Rio, which expires in 2041 - my, I will be 88 by then!

I must add that I understand little about copyright. I of course respect the right of artists to earn a living, but I don't quite see the reason for extending that 'earning a living' to their descendants.

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Re: Road films on Bluray?

I ordered the two Road films on BluRay and whilst they are ok I can't really see much improvement on the DVDs. Bali has the option of a commentary which I found very annoying.


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Re: Road films on Bluray?

Thank you Malcolm. Then I won´t be buying them.

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Re: Road films on Bluray?

I know this is a bit late, but with Bali at least from the copies I've seen the Blu-Ray looks way better. One thing that can decide how the quality is is the size of the screen as on smaller screens it may not look as good as on a big screen. I found that out with Going My Way and Bells of St. Mary's on blu-ray as they, especially Going My Way, looked more like dvds on a smaller screen, but once I watched them on the biggest screen in my house I was amazed. Bali is very colorful and probably the one most worth owning as it has the biggest upgrade to my eyes. Rio looks good, but there isn't much of a quality jump per say.

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