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Lindsay Crosby

I was doing some research on Lindsay Crosby, and although info on him is hard to come by I did manage to spotlight him. I feel bad for Lindsay probably the most of any of the Crosby boys...



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Re: Lindsay Crosby

At Gonzaga in 2003, there was a bloke there that, I thought, was Lindsay's son and I'm sure his name was Kevin, but there isn't a Kevin mentioned in this piece.
He and his wife had just returned from, I think, France, after their honeymoon.


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Re: Lindsay Crosby

I have knowledge of a Kevin Crosby who is a grandson of Bing's. I believe he is a son of one of the twins.

All the best,
Paul M. Mock

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Re: Lindsay Crosby

Hi all,

Just was accepted recently into the forum.  I attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks with Kevin and Lindsay "Chip" Crosby in the late 80's.  Both were and still are outstanding men.  I came here to learn about the family history as we never really talked about his family at all in the 4 years I attended school w/ Kevin.  It's quite tragic what I've read so far.  Reading about Bing himself has been eye opening.  My mother would be very interested in reading this website, but I'll just relay the salient history.


17/6/2017 6:16 am  #5

Re: Lindsay Crosby

Thanks Lobosco for that Spotlight on Lindsay. Australians were able to see Lindsay on TV as he sang with Bing and/or his brothers on several occasions: in 1959 on THE BOB HOPE SHOW; in 1960 on A BING CROSBY SPECTACULAR (BING CROSBY SHOW FOR OLDSMOBILE in USA); in 1961 FORD STAR TIME (BC FOR OLDSMOBILE in USA) and possibly in 1961 in THE BING CROSBY SHOW (THE EDSEL SHOW from 1957 in USA but the Aussie show may have been an abridged version). Reports in our press following Lindsay's death in 1989 referred to Gary's allegations of Bing's mistreatment of his sons.


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