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Hello from New England!


I'm not sure what to say other than, I'm happy to have found a group of Bing Crosby fans! At 45 I'm a bit too young to have listened to Bing's music on the radio but grew up with his Christmas music and think that nobody could sing a Christmas tune better than Bing!

A few years ago my oldest son who is a music major turned me on to Michael Buble that in turn had me tell him that Buble was really following a line of singers that in many ways were inspired by Bing Crosby. From that conversation I picked up "The Jazz Sides" and was so blown away by it that I quickly added, "Bing With A Beat"! I've since added "The Complete United Artist Sessions", "Hey Jude, Hey Bing!",  "Seasons" several of the "Through The Years" and just recently added "Bing n' Basie", "El Senor Bing", "Return To Paradise", "A Southern Memoir" and have a few more on the way!

But I have gotten to a point where picking up each new disc is going to become a challenge, I'm moving away from official albums to compilations of material and I'm not sure what is worth getting and what isn't. So I thought it was a good time to join a group and gain from your wisdom and insight!


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Re: Hello from New England!

Welcome Ron. I'm an Aussie and considerably older than you. I suggest you consider becoming a member of The International Club Crosby which, among other things, publishes a glossy, informative magazine titled BING three times a year.


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Re: Hello from New England!

Thanks Graham!

I will certainly look into becoming a member, and have seen some references to the ICC already. Joining the forum may be just a first step for me! I do juggle a few obsessions (musically speaking) and Bing competes for play time with Orbison, Matt Monro, Buble and a few others. 

I will say for a long time I've had people why I listen to "old" music and my musical tastes seem to just be getting older and older! The more Bing I listen to the more I appreciate his musical talents and genius and the more I'm amazed that his legacy has been overshadowed by other artists. Shameful to think that some of his output isn't available except to dig around for some out of print album, tape, or disc!

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