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Radio Times Archive

On another thread I have mentioned the Radio Times online archive, which will eventually cover all radio and TV programmes listed in the Radio Times, covering all national and local BBC stations since 1923 up to 2009..

As might be expected there are numerous mentions of Bing.
The project has been tackled by means of optical character recognition and all those who have used such systems know that there is considerable scope for characters and words to be mis-identified.
The BBC accepts additions and amendments but before anyone rushes in I have already submiited a large number relating to Bing, and on experience so far, the BBC takes some time to catch up with them. I have concentrated on factual errors, ignoring minor issues such as misleading punctuation.

The very first chronologically is "Bing" shown as "Liing" in July 1933.

The site is http://genome.ch.bbc.co.uk/

It is interesting to see that the BBC were producing their own radio dramatisations of some of Bing's films, mentioning the use of singers who sound like Bing! 



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