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Maida Vale Studios

A nice "Bing" moment on BBC Radio 4's long-running "Brain of Britain" quiz today... One of the questions was, "What was Bing Crosby's real first name?" Luckily, someone got it right, and the quiz-master related the "Bingville Bugle" reason for "Bing", before going on to say that they were recording the show in the same BBC Maida Vale studio where Bing had recorded his final session, and referred to the plaque commemmorating the fact on the wall above the control-room.

I remember many years ago I was working in the main studio at Maida Vale and during the tea-break I took myself off on a little pilgrimage into the bowels of the building to seek out the smaller studio where Bing's final sessions had taken place to take a photograph of the plaque.

Nice to know that it's still there...


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Re: Maida Vale Studios

And the host of Brain of Britain, Russell Davies, is a Bing fan too.

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Re: Maida Vale Studios

Jeremy, have you still got your photo of the plaque? Could you send me a jpg? Like to use it in BING magazine. I do have one already but it's not great.


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Re: Maida Vale Studios

I thought someone might ask me that! I will do my best to locate it, but it was taken in the days when you still had to take the film to Boots the Chemist to get the pictures developed, and it will be sitting in a box somewhere. As I said, I'll do my best...

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Re: Maida Vale Studios

I haven't been able to unearth my own photograph yet, but here's an image I found on google images. It's not particularly sharp, but here it is anyway:-

Many thanks to Richard for providing the link...

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Re: Maida Vale Studios

On our only visit to England some 22 years ago Helen and I stayed at an apartment near the studio for a few days. I'd hoped to go into the studio but it was in use. I must have seen the plaque and thanks for the opportunity to see it again.


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