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Rare Original Survivors - Bing Crosby and the Kraft Music Hall


Those lucky ICC members who have ordered this CD are likely to be receiving their copy any time now or in the fairly near future. What a treat! Very good sound for radio material of the period.

Quite a few unique titles, all right from the start of Bing's KMH residency, and including a large chunk of Bing's contribution to the very first show which he shared with his old boss Paul Whiteman.

Complete with Whiteman's introduction and Bing's response and introductions of his songs.
Sorry about dates - I'm using the format d/m/y

      5/12/1935 KMH 1  Introduction  -Paul Whiteman/Bing and announcer
      5/12/1935 KMH 1  Please (Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin)/Learn To Croon (Arthur Johnston, Sam Coslow)/June In January (Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin)   / From The Top Of Your Head   (Mack Gordon, Harry Revel)
      5/12/1935 KMH 1  On Treasure Island   (Edgar Leslie, Joe Burke)
      5/12/1935 KMH 1  Red Sails In The Sunset   (Jimmy Kennedy, Hugh Williams) (Stated to be reconstructed)
      28/5/1936 KMH 26  You (Gee! But You're Wonderful) 
      20/2/1936 KMH 12  I'm Building Up To An Awful Letdown   (Fred Astaire, Johnny Mercer)
      30/7/1936 KMH 32  Take My Heart (And Do With It What You Please)   (Fred E Ahlert, Joe Young)
      13/2/1936 KMH 11  If I Should Lose You   (Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin)
      12/3/1936 KMH 15  But Where Are You?   (Harold Adamson, Jimmy McHugh)
      21/5/1936 KMH 25  Moonrise On The Lowlands 
      6/2/1936  KMH 10  Moon Over Miami   (Edgar Leslie, Joe Burke)
      4/6/1936  KMH 27  All My Life 
      23/1/1936 KMH 8  Roll Along Prairie Moon   (MacPherson, Ted FioRito, Albert von Tilzer)
      9/4/1936 KMH 19  Lost   (Johnny Mercer, Ohman, Teetor)
      16/1/1936 KMH 7  One Night In Monte Carlo 
      27/2/1936 KMH 13  West Wind 
      16/4/1936 KMH 20  Desire 
      26/3/1936 KMH 17  Say The Word And It's Yours   (Al Goodhart, Al Hoffman, Maurice Sigler)
      19/3/1936 KMH 16  Everything's In Rhythm With My Heart   (Al Goodhart, Al Hoffman, Maurice Sigler)
      9/1/1936 KMH 6  Some Of These Days   (Shelton Brooks)
      15/10/1936 KMH 36  Let's Call A Heart A Heart   (Arthur Johnston, Johnny Burke)
      15/10/1936 KMH 36  So Do I   (Arthur Johnston, Johnny Burke)
      30/7/1936 KMH 32  Long Ago And Far Away (Rainger/Robin)   (Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin)
      15/10/1936 KMH 36  On The Beach At Waikiki 
      20/8/1936 KMH 35  South Sea Island Magic   (Andy Iona Long, Lysle Tomerlin)
      2/4/1936   KMH 18  Twilight On The Trail   (Louis Alter, Sidney D Mitchell)
      30/1/1936 KMH 9  With All My Heart   (Gus Kahn, Jimmy McHugh)
      5/12/1935 KMH 1  Closing Announcement  / Where The Blue Of The Night Meets the Gold Of the Day   (Fred E Ahlert, Bing Crosby, Roy Turk)
    The last item made up of both 5 December 1935 and 16 January 1936 spliced

I have a very serious complaint about this.  I want more!

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