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Kraft Music Hall

Retro Radio has another KMH show, this one is from December 1943 with Cass Daley



27/5/2016 3:44 pm  #2

Re: Kraft Music Hall

Thanks, Richard. Lovely quality too.


02/6/2016 7:19 am  #3

Re: Kraft Music Hall

I enjoyed that Richard, especially the opportunity to hear Trudy Woods sing with Bing, or perhaps it was Miss Irwin.


02/12/2016 4:09 pm  #4

Re: Kraft Music Hall

Another KMH Show, this time  December 16th 1943 with Phil Silvers. Well before Bilko. Find it here

The Retro radio site names the female duettist in some songs as Trudy Wood, but it's Trudy Erwin who was married to long term producer of Bing's radio shows, Murdo MacKenzie.

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