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Going my Way (documentary)

Do you remember that documentary on Bing of aroundf 2003 named 'Going my Way'? It seems to be  (re-)broadcasted by PBS/KSPS in 2015 and I recently saw that it's available on YouTube (HD 720p):

As I remember, it was available as a custom-made DVD at the time, but at a rather high price (in my opinion too high). I refrained from buying the DVD and maybe other members who did so too would be interested in seeing the documentary on YouTube.


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Re: Going my Way (documentary)

Thank you Frans. I'd not seen this before. Perhaps It's not been shown Down Under and some of the content was new to me. It's good to be reminded of the enormity of Bing's world-wide impact on popular entertainment and GOING MY WAY certainly did that.


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Re: Going my Way (documentary)

What new Bing items are coming out and when?

Peace and Love! 

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Re: Going my Way (documentary)

I didn't mention any new Bing items, just the documentary 'Going my way' from around 2003 which some may not have seen. It's currently available on YouTube (see my first message in this thread). Sorry if I have expressed myself in an unclear manner.

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Re: Going my Way (documentary)

Frans, My mistake, I meant to Post it as a new topic. Sorry.

Peace and Love! 

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