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High Tor to be shown in Rockland County, New York

 "High Tor" was set in Rockland and loaded with local references but ironically it has never been shown in the county. This is about to change. The Historical Society of Rockland County has announced the film starring Bing Crosby and Julie Andrews will be screened at the Lafayette Theatre in Suffern on Oct. 1. The screening is part of Rockland County Historical Month and the Haverstraw 400 year anniversary.

See http://ramapo.dailyvoice.com/lifestyle/rarely-seen-high-tor-film-to-be-screened-in-suffern/678820/


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Re: High Tor to be shown in Rockland County, New York

I was able to see this 35mm version in 2006 when it was shown at the Lincoln Center in Manhattan. It is worlds better than the kinescope version that is out there commercially. I am guessing that even though the Crosby family has this 35mm film of "High Tor", they do  not have the rights to produce and sell it commercially. Hopefully, someday, we will all be able to own this version in our film libraries.


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