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Retro Radio Podcast - Bing with Harry James

Retro Radio is hosting another of Bing's shows here 

Command Performance from July 1943.
Bing opens with a duet with Trudy Irwin, and a song, Wait for Me Mary.Harry James helps read from the mail bag, and with Helen Forrest on vocals, performs, the Right Kind of Love. Bing chats with an audience member. A gent named “Ukie” helps Bing with a comedy and music routine based on the song, Melencholie Baby.Next, world class pianist, Arthur Rubenstein plays a selection. Bing introduces then interviews Harry James and Betty Grable, recently married, and still on their honeymoon. Harry James plays, Back Beat Boogie.


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Re: Retro Radio Podcast - Bing with Harry James

Thanks, Richard.


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