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Bing Crosby biography

I have been a Crosby fan for years, but I actually came here today because I read that one of your members is also a member of the Yahoo Group's Annette Hanshaw  website, and I wanted to ask him about it. However, this is a Crosby site, so let me ask something about Crosby that I have been wondering about for years: Has the second volume, not to mention the promised third, of Gary Giddens'  biography ever come out? I have asked him about it on more than one occasion, but he never answered.Has the project been abandoned? Shall I stop waiting?


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Re: Bing Crosby biography

Niku wrote:

Has the second volume, not to mention the promised third, of Gary Giddens'  biography ever come out?

Warren, the brief answer is "no".
If you search on the board you will find that the subject is very high on the list of queries raised by others, and I recall that you and I had an email exchange a couple of years ago.

I personally am not aware of any recent and definite situation report, but at one time it did look as if there was a possibility that the project might have been abandoned. More recently there has been a glimmer of hope.

I am sure that as soon as anything certain is known there are some visitors to this board who will break the news.


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Re: Bing Crosby biography

I'm not familiar with the workings of this site, so I had expected to receive your answer by E-mail. This is why I am so late in replying to it (I just didn't know that you had answered me). Anyway, thanks for the information and for your very prompt reply.

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Re: Bing Crosby biography

Great news! Gary Giddins’ book Bing Crosby: Swinging On a Star, The War Years will appear in the fall of 2017. As you may guess from the title, a third volume is planned! Little Brown are again the publishers.


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