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Bing & Al and the Sunset Highway in Washington State

Many Bing fans know that Bing and Al Rinker, after deciding to leave Spokane, Washington for California in 1925, first went to Seattle, Washington.  To get to Seattle from Spokane, they would have traveled the Sunset Highway across Washington state.  There is a very entertaining, central Washington geology professor who has done a series of lectures about the geology of Washington state.  In one of his latest lectures, he tied it to Bing and Al's trip across Washington to Seattle.  The result is a very entertaining and instructional video that, along with a discussion of the geology, you see vintage photos of the road as it would have looked when Bing and Al traveled it.  I hope you enjoy the video (you will probably enjoy it more if you also are interested in geology!).



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Re: Bing & Al and the Sunset Highway in Washington State

Thank you, Ron.

A very refreshingly different perspective. I would never have imagined any way to link Bing with a geology lecture! 

Bing's own account of the journey was quite amusing but there was a high degree of concentration on the need to keep their jalopy on the move and I suspect they were not thinking much about the geological origins of the scenery through which they were passing.

The really interesting aspect is that the memory of Bing is sufficiently alive to use the journey as an instruction tool now to presumably quite young students.



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Re: Bing & Al and the Sunset Highway in Washington State

Richard, I agree.  It was the title of the video that intrigued me and I thought "ok, I have to see this!".  I'm sure there were young people in the audience so it was great for them to get some exposure to Bing.  I wish I had had professors like this guy, when I went to college as he knows how to keep your interest.

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Re: Bing & Al and the Sunset Highway in Washington State

A fascinating lecture even without reference to Bing and Al. thsnk you Ron.


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