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Bing in the modern world of streaming

We all know that Bing holds the record (no pun intended) with White Christmas.

But that was in a world when the black disc reigned supreme, whether 78 rpm shellac, 45 rpm vinyl or one of a "compilation" on one of the more modern 33rpm LPs, not to mention those little silver things (how fast do they spin?)

But we now have confirmation of Bing's longevity in the popularity stakes through an effort to produce a chart based on streaming activity. The Guardian, a UK national newspaper, asked some streaming services to produce statistics. 
Spotify have re-ranked the top selling singles in order of popularity of streaming, and White Christmas still comes out at number six.

Less happily it does not figure in the list of the most popular streams which of course include a lot of much more recent material.

Read the article here



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Re: Bing in the modern world of streaming

I wonder what Bing would have thought about streaming.


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