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Road To Morocco leads to Shakespeare's Comedy Of Errors via Texas

A report in "The Collegian" based in Hurst, Texas, tells of College production of an updated version of "The Comedy Or Errors" based on "Road To Morocco".


Click on the link above for a full report but in part it says  -  "Rubber snake swords, a camel puppet and a dance number are just some of the ways NE Campus has given new life to its rendition of Shakespeare’s farcical play [i]The Comedy of Errors.[/i]The play tells the story of two sets of identical twins accidentally separated at birth and their fateful, and comical, reunification.NE student Darby Villano, the department stage manager doing her second Shakespeare production is responsible for all of the moving parts behind the scenes.“For this one, we are based in 1940s Morocco, and our theme is derived from the Bing Crosby and Bob Hope film [i]Road to Morocco,” she said. “It’s very slapstick, there’s a lot of humor, and we incorporate a lot of the 1940s Technicolor and goofiness that comes from the film”"[/i]

Only one query "1940s technicolor" in "Road To Morocco"?. I think I must have missed something.



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