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Malcolm Macfarlane at it again!

The indefatigable Malcolm Macfarlane has been in action again. Wikipedia now has countless items that incorporate Bing in some way, whether with details of albums, listing of radio shows - you name it and Malcolm has been there.

I would guess that he has done more to put Bing "on the map" in terms of Wikipedia entries than all others combined. 

Some of his recent activity has included details of

The Ford Road Show
The Bing Crosby Show 
The Bing Crosby - Rosemary Clooney Show 
A Christmas Sing with Bing (1955–1962)
15 Minutes With Bing Crosby

And I'm sure there is much else that I have not yet discovered. He has included vast numbers of links to other supporting material. Earlier he had tackled album issues. I doubt there is much else left, but if there is you may be sure that Malcolm will find it and cover it. 


15/2/2016 5:42 pm  #2

Re: Malcolm Macfarlane at it again!

Nice of you to notice, Richard. I'll think about television next!


21/2/2016 6:04 am  #3

Re: Malcolm Macfarlane at it again!

'Indefatigable' is indeed an appropriate word to describe Malcolm's efforts to keep the world informed of Bing's contribution to entertainment. Great work, Malcolm.


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