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Don Adams played golf

Does anyone know if Don Adams[Get Smart] ever played in a Crosby Golf Tournament? I think he played in a couple of Bob Hope's. I also know he was on the Hollywood Palace with Bing and did a golf skit.

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Re: Don Adams played golf

Talking of golf. With my slow memory power, I just remembered that last July was 40 years ago that I walked Turnberry golf course in Scotland and caddied for Nathaniel in the Pineapple Pro-Am. I had a wonderful couple of hours talking with Bing and the boys through about 13 holes. The course was closed for them so I met up with an old Muirfield (Sydney) golfer - pro Jack Newton. His group were finally allowed to go on the course. I went with them for a couple of holes then high tailed it until I found Bing and the boys. What a thrill that was indeed.
And some nice little incidents as well.
How the time flies.
You golfers - get some birdies but not too much turkey.


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Re: Don Adams played golf

If Don Adams has been in one of those tournaments, it would have been very funny if before a putt he took off his shoe to make or receive a telephone call, as with his spy's "shoe phone" on his program!


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