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The Music Never Stopped

This newly released film stars J.K. Simmons (“Spider-Man,��  “Juno�� ) as a Bing Crosby-loving dad who, in the late ‘60s, has a falling-out with his hippie son (Lou Taylor Pucci). The son can’t really communicate except when rock music is played for him, in a process that seems to unclog his neural pathways, which were damaged by a benign brain tumor. Bing is heard singing “The Best Things in Life are Free��  and I am told that there may be other Bing songs on the sundtrack too.


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Re: The Music Never Stopped

And J.K. appears in the TV series 'The Closer' and also doing ads for Farmer's Insurance.


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Re: The Music Never Stopped

Correction: Bing sings "Young at Heart" (the version done for  the GE shows) not "The Best Things in Life Are Free" in this film.

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