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The Carol Burnett Show

A bumper set of 45 shows entitled "The Carol Burnett Show - The Lost Episodes" has been announced here.

It covers a period 1969 to 1972  but does not, so far as I can tell, seem to include an episode with Bing as guest of 10th November 1969.

It does include one which is stated in the press release as being shown on November 3, 1971 but it appears in the "Bing on TV" listing in the "Bing" magazine site as March 15th 1972, with the note "The programme was originally advertised to be shown on 3rd November 1971"

The content of the show  is listed as 

Show #510, Original Air Date: November 3, 1971
Guest Starring: Bing Crosby, Paul Lynde

The Old Folks—Carol, Harvey, Paul Lynde
Love Thy Neighbor/Put a Little Love in Your Heart—Bing Crosby
As the Stomach Turns—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Paul Lynde, Bing Crosby
Sing/Get Happy—Carol, Bing Crosby, Singers
Dance: Challenge—The Ernie Flatt Dancers
Finale: The Drunkard’s Daughter—Carol, Harvey, Vicki, Lyle, Bing Crosby, Paul Lynde, Dancers and Singers

$199:90 - (or $399:95 for a "VIP Signed edition") a large amount for the Bing content but there are numerous other major stars of the era.



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Re: The Carol Burnett Show

I'm going to "bump" this thread up to confirm that you can get the episode with Bing and Paul Lynde (Show 510) on a less expensive 6 disc set. This set is as low as $24.99 currently offered by Deep Discount in the USA:


I may even take the plunge on this set since it's marked that low!

Zane Johnson

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Re: The Carol Burnett Show

I did go ahead and get this set, and I don't regret the purchase at that price (still listed at $24.99 for 6 DVDs - not bad at all).

I'll focus on on show 510. Richard has the breakdown of the episode listed above. The viewing quality of the episode (along with the others in the set) is what you would expect from a show videotaped in 1971. I didn't notice any visual or audio dropouts. In fact, I laughed quite a few times during the episode. Most of the clips we've seen of the Burnett show over the years are of the show's last 6 years While that period was most definitely a high point, the shows on this set certainly provide some great laughs, as well. Bing is in fine form in this episode (in regards to singing and acting), but I still don't think his singing voice is as strong as it would be in a few years' time.

The other episodes are enjoyable, too, including episodes with Lucille Ball, Bob Newhart, and Don Rickles (to name a few),

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Zane Johnson

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