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Bing's Family History Presentation

For anyone in the Spokane area, this sounds like a great presentation. I would love to be there:



19/2/2011 6:47 am  #2

Re: Bing's Family History Presentation

Me, too.


20/2/2011 3:36 pm  #3

Re: Bing's Family History Presentation

I wonder if there will be any new discoveries to be revealed. Larry Crosby wrote a book about the Crosby family tree some years ago, complete with faux antique font.  A copy of it here. http://www.fcrosby.com/freeman/b_bob/slide1.htm

I have found another version of the family tree here http://genealogyandfamilyhistory.yuku.com/topic/955/-Bing-Crosby

and yet another one, set out in a slightly less approachable way, here http://www.crosbygenealogy.com/bing_crosby_tree.htm

The family is traceable back to the early 17th Century, which is further than many can manage, and Larry found references to earlier Crosbys but without any conclusive links.

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