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Bing's Rancho Mirage home

I suppose it's common knowledge among Bing's fans in USA but, according to the FINACIAL REVIEW MAGAZINE of June 2015, published in Australia,  Bing's home in Palm Springs (which he built in 1957) is now owned by businesssman Robert Teller, bought in 2005 for $US2.62 million. 'High on Calico Road in swanky Thunderbird Heights', it has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a theatre with prints of Crosby movie scenes and has been extensively renovated. It can be rented from Teller for $US3000 per night (minimum 30 nights). Add a post to this site if you'd loke to know the website to make a booking.

The same article also refers to Frank Sinatra's Twin Palms house built in 1947 but it has only four bedrooms, a recording suite and a piano-shaped swimming pool and can be rented for only $US2600 per night.


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