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Bing podcast

I had an email from Kevin Greenlee the other day in which he told me about a podcast concerning Bing. This is what Kevin had to say:

<<I wonder, by the way, if you happen to be familiar with a podcast called “You Must Remember This.” The show focuses primarily on mid 20th century Hollywood and so, of course eventually got around to covering Mr. Crosby. Fans might take issue with a few things in the episode but I, at least, found it an interesting listen. If you're interested, the show can be found at
Scroll down to the March 24, 2015 entry to get the episode with Mr. Crosby- and don’t get thrown off by the fact that “Star Wars” is in the title. The host uses that phrase to indicate that the episode deals with the activities of stars in wartime.>>

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Re: Bing podcast

The very fact that the author uses the Kaplan book "The Voice" as the basis for her stories on Sinatra shows how unreliable her podacasts can be! That book is full of "scenes" that the author invented or assumed occured along with infactual material! 

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Re: Bing podcast

There was another podcast from last year concerning Bing, that just recycled the old "info" from the Hollow Man and Gary. It was called She Will Rock You. It wasn't a full on bash Bing session, as they actually pointed out his popularity and his support of tape, but besides that it's just basically a recycling.

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