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Wiki adds Radio show information

Wikipedia has for long had a lengthy item on Bing. I have noticed that there are now individual entries appearing about the radio shows - entries on the KMH and Philco shows appearing in October and most recently the Chesterfield show last month and GE a matter of days ago, with cross reference links to the "Bing" magazine and Steven Lewis' articles as well as other sources

The more the merrier! I don't fully understand how Wiki works - whether the entries might be the activity of an ardent fan, or whether the Wiki editors are merely going through filling up gaps somehow identified within their system.




General Electric

Who can identify the error? (hint - it's in the entry relating to Chesterfield).

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Re: Wiki adds Radio show information

They talk of LEE as if it is Peggy passing on but it was Dixie that passed on.
Also, I thought Bing did the 15 minute shows with Rosemary Clooney sometime later. But I'm not an expert.


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Re: Wiki adds Radio show information

There are so many errors. I'll have a go at editing it tomorrow.


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Re: Wiki adds Radio show information

The specific error that I noticed was the first, and on re-examination I see it was the most obvious of several. The Chesterfield shows ran for half an hour, not 15 minutes, But Malcolm's comment has led me to look further, and I agree that there are others, some a little subtle.

And the GE entry seems to have vanished! The link I had worked. Now it does not and I cannot find the entry!
And I agree with Ron, The use of the rather curt identification of "Lee" for Dixie Lee seems innapropriate, not to say confusing in juxtaposition with Peggy Lee.

I'm baffled by the long list of sponsors for Philco. The only sponsor ever identified on the recordings was Philco. Possibly the others were all local with inserts?


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